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10 Rock-paintings in the Wadi Mathendous // Northern Murzuq area
Rock-paintings in the Wadi Mathendous // Northern Murzuq area

A half day through rocky area with enormous dust clouds. Even large distances between our vehicles, and the temporary use of the recirculating ventilation, could protect us from getting completely covered with dust.

During a short break in the afternoon we distracted from the dust while we took a walk, during which we saw once again rock paintings, this time from the Wadi Mathendous. Here, I realized that the invention of papyrus must have been a blessing for the ancient writer. After that we drove a long period over boulders und through the dust until we finally got sand under the wheels.

The sand slopes led us to the northern foothills of the mighty Murzuq area. The proposed crossing from west to east in the southern Murzuq area was, unfortunately not approved. The dunes on either side of us were enormous, and sometimes up to 80 meters high. We built our night camp on a slightly elevated site with great views. Here the dune hiking and looking into the distance is a dream experience.

The next morning we went to Tesawa for refueling, shopping and eating.

The city of Murzuq offers good shopping opportunities and together with the lively market, where oddly enough, South Tyrolean (north Italy) apples were offered, the city imparts Oriental flair.

After a meal we went to refuel in Um al Aranib and to pop up our tents for the night, shortly after Terbu. In the south-east we expect again magnificent landscapes and populations.