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07 Across the dune crests to the Gabroon lakes
Across the dune crests to the Gabroon lakes

The way to the Gabroon lakes is long, it can be a lot shorter if the way across the dune crests is taken. On the way there we passed the dried out Scheleghmin lake N26°47,63' - E13°27,78'. After that we had similar impressions as before at the Mandara lakes. The Mahfou lake N26°47,31' - E13°30,36' shows off very picturesque and invites to take a break. However one realizes, compared to the nature beauties of the last days, much more Sahara "mass tourism". Shortly after this we came to the village Gabroon, with the Gabroon lake N26°48,17' - E13°31,81'. Ghadaffi's almost sick settlement policy is responsible for abandoned villages, a sad sight. Only very few people remaining directly by the lake, make a living from tourism. The lake view was anyways worth the trip.

There is also a local, listen and wonder, a local ski rental. Experienced desert travelers know of course, not for the snow skiing but for skiing in the sand. Spalti demonstrated his, acquired in the snow, perfect carving knowledge on the dunes.