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05 The natural beauty of the Mandara lakes
The natural beauty of the Mandara lakes

One more day in the off-roader surfer's paradise. The impressing landscape overwhelms me again and again. An almost unbelievable strong pleasure for any "nature freak" Today we look forward to see the famous Mandara lakes. The Um el Hassan lake N26°54,985' - E13°28,873' fascinates with the beautiful colored water, the surrounding vegetation and invites to hike around the lake. It's hard to believe what a beauty the nature has created here. At the Um el Ma lake N26°42,69' - E13°20,28' we took a rest in the middle of a breathtaking landscape. Bernhard took a bath in the 30 degree Celsius warm water; the warm water is captured under a 30 cm thick cold water zone. Hundreds of micro crabs tickle the legs. Spalti made some photos; I made a few 3D panoramas. The oasis is great to hang out and relax.