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01 Ferry // Border control // First gas station // Trip to the south
Ferry // Border control // First gas station // Trip to the south

Even though there are several possibilities, I choose the Italian ferry GNV Grandi Navi Veloge, because the journey is more pleasant and the arrival is on time. The different entry forms can be filled out and given to the officers by yourself. On the ship you can pay with EUR.

If one chooses the ferry from Tunisia, long waiting times have to be calculated in order to get all the entry formalities filled out and stamped on the ship. The border control is that way more simple. On Tunisian ferries you can pay with Dinars only.

After the usual and uncomplicated duty and entry formalities are done one gets a blue form with the car registration. The question if an "entry service" is desired, is just a simple try of the officers to earn black cash, it should be ignored because it's unnecessary. There is nothing to pay to enter the country.

After two more officers collected all forms except the blue one for the car, the way to Tunis is free. We were happy that all formalities where done in just one hour. Two to three hours are usual and should be calculated.

Next to the freeway entrance in direction to Tunis is a gas station with an international bank teller (ATM). So you can fill the tank while getting Tunisian Dinars. N36°44,293' - E10°13,063'.

Who plans to continue to the south, can use the freeway to Sfax. Attention to all who want to take the direct route through Kairouan! The local drivers are no safety gurus. Cars without light in the dawn, playing kids and bicycle drivers without light or reflectors need the highest concentration and readiness from all drivers.

Who wants to camp reaches the beach short after Hammamet, at Bou Ficha N36°16.146' - E10°29.553'. Short after this beach, in Port El Kantaoui is the hotel Marhaba Palace, a not exactly pretty but bombastic tourist castle with beautiful garden and beach. With a little negotiation talent you get a double bed with breakfast and dinner for two persons (kitchen closes at 10 p.m.) for 50 EUR.